Will you let BEST MANNEQUINS brand your store?


Will you let BEST MANNEQUINS brand your store?

A store window is a store’s eye catcher. It draws the attention of passersby and translates the shopping experience in a recognizable way. A good store window concept should also fit seamlessly with your target group.

Are you looking for an innovatively developed concept which preserves your identity? Do you need custom-made advice? At Best Mannequins we’ll translate your brand-DNA to an experiencing and sales increasing presentation concept.

The power of visual merchandising ...

A VM-concept offers you a varying store atmosphere, clear routing and a clear layout. The aim of VM is to stimulate sales by using inspiring tools. In short, all elements that influence the viewing and buying habits are examined. And it just so happens that we are the leaders in the development of these tools.

Best Mannequins also offers support in visual merchandising (VM). We offer advice with a smile and bring inspiration to the development of your unique store concept. By taking into account the various aspects of VM, we make sure that customers in your store undergo the ultimate shopping experience.

Create a unique shopping experience by responding to shoppers’ senses. Surprise and seduce. Draw attention with an eye-catching store window.  And extend that feeling to the store. Your customers will stay longer, make better choices and will be happy to buy. Make your store a not-to-be-missed 'place to be'! Did you know? 70% of all shopper purchase decisions are made in store!

Best Mannequins: the hidden force behind a strong store concept!!