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Busts and Torsos: Everything You Need to Know!

Why Choose bustforms?

Our extensive collection of torsos and busts is designed to meet all your display needs. Whether you're looking for elegant female busts, rugged male torsos, or modern abstract models, at Best Mannequins, you'll find the perfect addition to your store interior. Busts and torsos are also fun to create variety in the display window. Did you know that we have busts for certain collections of mannequins? This allows for a fun mix to be made.

Torsos in different styles and sizes:

Our busts and torsos are available in various styles, sizes, and materials. Whether you prefer sleek and contemporary models or classic and timeless designs, we offer a wide range of options to suit your aesthetic preferences. There are also different options for head type according to preference. For example, we have heads covered with fabric, abstract heads, heads with ears and noses, and more.

Focus on Detail:

These men's torsos and women's busts offer the opportunity to focus on specific details and accessories. From graceful collar lines to elegant sleeves, busts highlight the unique features of each garment, making your assortment stand out.

Realistic Presentation:

With men's torsos and women's busts, you can display clothing in a realistic and attractive way. By emphasizing specific parts of the human body, you create a vibrant and recognizable presentation that appeals to customers.

Space-saving and Flexible:

Busts and torsos take up less space than full-size mannequins, making them ideal for smaller retail spaces. Additionally, women's busts and men's torsos are versatile and can be easily moved to adapt to your store layout.

Different Types of Busts and Torsos:

Busts and Torsos Covered with Fabric:

In our quest for the most unique and stylish presentation options for your boutique, we proudly introduce our collection of busts and torsos with refined fabric covering. These exclusive displays elevate the presentation of your clothing and create the perfect boutique vibe. Discover why these busts and torsos are an essential addition to a fashion-forward experience:

Luxurious Finish of Busts:

The fabric covering on our busts and torsos adds a touch of luxury to your presentation. The carefully chosen fabrics, ranging from soft velvet to contemporary linen, provide a warm and inviting look that perfectly complements the ambiance of your boutique.

Torsos with Subtle Elegant Details:

The fabric covering accentuates the contours of the busts and torsos in a subtle and elegant way. It creates a soft presentation that draws attention to the garments without distracting, allowing your customers to experience the details of your collection in full glory.

Seamless Integration with Your Brand:

Whether you're aiming for a modern, minimalist look or a more vintage aesthetic, our fabric-covered busts and torsos seamlessly integrate with various brand styles. Personalize your presentation and create a recognizable boutique vibe that reflects the core of your brand.

Presenting Accessories on Bustsforms with Arms:

The fabric on the busts and torsos provides an ideal background for presenting accessories. Whether it's striking jewelry, handbags, or hats, the fabric covering forms a perfect canvas to showcase these items.

Change the Atmosphere of Your Store with Our Busts and Torsos:

Add a touch of coziness to your boutique with the warm look of fabric covering. Create an inviting atmosphere where customers feel right at home and are inspired by the carefully curated outfits.
Step into the world of refined presentation with our fabric-covered mannequins. Make a statement in style and transform the atmosphere of your boutique with these exclusive displays that add a distinctive boutique vibe to your fashion experience.

Customize your own women's torso and men's bust yourself via this link.

Or choose individual parts such as wooden arms for busts or stands for bustforms to add to your women's torso or men's busts.

Finally, we also have a collection of torsos and busts covered with fabric with ears and a nose

Embrace Perfection: Busts and Torsos Designed for Lingerie with Diversity in Cup Sizes

Discover the ultimate presentation for lingerie with our specially designed busts and torsos, where we proudly emphasize diversity in cup sizes. With us, you'll find a range of options with cup sizes B, C, and D, ensuring that your lingerie collection is presented in an authentic and inclusive manner. Here are reasons why our busts and torsos are the ideal choice for your lingerie presentation:

Good Fits of Our Busts Ensure a Good Presentation:

Our women's busts represent the real shapes of women, and with the addition of cup sizes B, C, and D, we offer a lifelike presentation that allows customers to identify with the presented lingerie. This creates an inclusive and empowering experience for every visitor to your store.

Lingerie Bustsforms with Different Cup Sizes:

Lingerie is for everyone, regardless of body shape or size. Our busts and torsos with diverse cup sizes embody this philosophy and show that your lingerie collection is suitable for a wide range of body types. This reaches a larger audience and encourages customers to feel confident and comfortable.

Torsos with a Natural Look:

With the careful design of our busts and torsos, the natural look of the lingerie is emphasized. The specific cup sizes ensure a realistic presentation, where the fit and aesthetics of your lingerie collection are showcased to their fullest.

Personalization of the Lingerie Experience:

Offer your customers a unique and personalized experience by presenting lingerie on busts and torsos that match various cup sizes. Customers can better imagine how the lingerie will fit their own bodies, increasing the chance of a successful purchase.

Aesthetic and Functionality Hand in Hand:

Our busts and torsos combine aesthetic appeal with functional diversity. The balanced design ensures that the lingerie is presented in an artistic way, while the different cup sizes provide a versatile and inclusive showcase.

Choose busts and torsos that reflect the essence of your lingerie collection. With the diversity in cup sizes B, C, and D, you create a powerful and authentic presentation that inspires customers and distinguishes your brand in the world of lingerie.

Via this link, you'll find busts for lingerie lacquered in different colors.

And via this link, you'll find inexpensive torsos made of plastic with different cup sizes

Busts and Torsos with Stand or for Presentation on a Table:

Do you want a full-body presentation? Then our torsos with stands are the perfect choice. These models encompass the upper body to the thigh area and come with an elegant stand. These torsos with stands are ideal for displaying dresses, pants, or skirts and add a touch of dynamism to your presentation. The stand makes it easy to place the torso at any desired height, giving you maximum flexibility in setting up your window display. We also provide an extra ring for certain collections to adjust the height of the bust or torso, so this can be done once and the bust or torso can be easily dressed and undressed while maintaining the same height. For a more intimate presentation, our busts and torsos for table presentations offer a compact and charming option. These models are designed to be placed on tables, counters, or showcases and are perfect for presenting accessories such as jewelry, hats, or other smaller items. They add a personal touch to your presentation and draw attention to the details.

Via this link, you'll find busts with arms and stands.

We also have women's busts and men's torsos without heads in our range.

Discover the Unique Optimizations and Benefits of Our Busts and Torsos!

At Best Mannequins, we strive to elevate your presentation experience to a higher level. Our busts and torsos are not only stylish but also thoughtfully designed with convenient optimizations and benefits that set your store display apart. Here are some of the features that make our models unique:

1. Hand Accessory Pin: 

Want to effortlessly present accessories such as jewelry, bags, or gloves? Some of our busts and torsos are equipped with a convenient accessory pin, allowing you to easily and stylishly add extra accents to your presentation. This accessory pin allows, for example, to present handbags on your bust or torso.

2. Various Fittings: 

We understand that every store has unique needs. That's why we offer various fittings to meet your specific preferences. Whether you choose the hook system, pin system, or rotating system, our mannequins adapt to your preferences, allowing you to create a display that perfectly matches your vision.

3. Wide Range of Qualities: 

We believe in freedom of choice and quality. That's why we offer an extensive range of mannequins in different qualities. Whether you're looking for models with a basic level for temporary presentations or high-quality, durable options for long-term use, we have the right quality to suit your needs and budget.

At Best Mannequins, we combine aesthetics with functionality so that you can not only create a visually appealing presentation but also benefit from convenient features that simplify your work. Discover the innovations in our mannequins and experience the difference of Best Mannequins in your store display!

3D Development of Busts and Torsos:

Best Mannequins has taken a revolutionary step in the development of their products by transitioning to advanced 3D technology. This innovative approach has not only increased productivity but also led to significant improvements in the fit of the mannequins.

In the past, busts and torsos were hand-sculpted from clay, resulting in unique sizes for each individual mannequin. This made replacing parts a challenge because no two busts and torsos were identical. The lack of uniformity led to difficulties in finding suitable spare parts and imposed limitations on the versatility of the mannequins.

With the transition to 3D development, Best Mannequins has overcome these limitations. The use of advanced software allows us to create accurate and consistent models, improving the fit in detail. It also allows replacement of spare parts in case of breakage.

The benefits of this 3D development are particularly noticeable for professional players in the retail industry. Best Mannequins aims to set the standard for quality and functionality in the world of busts and torsos. By using advanced technologies, we distinguish ourselves as pioneers in the industry.

Compared to the former handcrafted clay busts and torsos, the new generation is characterized by a more refined finish and detail. The raw and less precise sculptures of the past are replaced by accurate, digitized models that emphasize the aesthetics of the garments. This not only results in a more realistic representation of fashion but also offers opportunities for more detailed presentations in shop windows.

In short, the transition to 3D development at Best Mannequins has not only significantly improved the fit of the busts and torsos but has also revolutionized the way these essential tools in the fashion industry are manufactured. It's a step forward in terms of precision, uniformity, and aesthetics, allowing both retailers and designers to benefit from a superior display of their fashion creations.

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