About us


Best Mannequins, started out as an importer of window mannequins and now offers you the most comprehensive range of store window materials and total store fitting available today. With a clear focus on innovation and quality, we have continued to expand our expertise - justifiably making us one of the largest players in the European market today. 

We provide:

In addition to our own import collections, we also have the exclusive dealership for various world brands, such as Eurodisplay, Polyform and Hindsgaul. Our aim is to inspire our customers with our broad spectrum of products and offer visual merchandising tools which enable them to market their store concept ever more powerfully.


Our mission

To market distinctive and inspiring store window display collections at the right price for our customers.


Our approach

No -nonsense: fair, dependable and transparent. We believe in our products so can you

Dynamic: full of enthusiasm, creative, but always professional

Personal: We are Griet, Peter, Ingrid, Charliene, Evelyn, Corneel, Isaac, Johan, Andrei, Eva, Vadzim, Sara, Marie-Ange, Kim


Our collections

Progressive: with a view to future VM trends.

Innovative: we're implementing user-friendly and ecological solutions

Price-conscious: because quality need not be expensive!


What ties us together

Our passion for fashion: we put all of our dynamics and creativity into innovative collections and are more than happy to contribute ideas.

Our smile: We give knowledgeable advice. We spare no effort.

Customization: from the design stage onwards, we guide you through the whole process. We do not shy away from difficult questions.

After-sales service: our own repair service at a reasonable price.