At Best Mannequins we aim for 100 % satisfied customers. Not fully satisfied with a purchased product? Then we would like to be informed as soon as possible so that we can find a suitable solution together with you. We make the utmost effort to process your complaint within 2 working days.


Return of a product within 3 working days after receipt is not a problem in many cases, if this has been reported in time and all return requirements have been met.
You will inform us, within 3 working days, regarding the product that does not meet your expectation including clarification of the problem. More information under 10.5 “PROCEDURE TO FOLLOW”.


If you, as a consumer, place an order online at, then the European right of withdrawal applies and you cane exchange or return the ordered items within fourteen calendar days after receipt of the product, and without providing cause.
Thus, the indication of the reason of return is not mandatory, but can be useful for us to improve our service and range. How to help us with regards to the aforementioned, more information under 10.5 “PROCEDURE TO FOLLOW”.
The shipping costs of the return are always charged to the client.


A returned item is only accepted if it complies with all our return requirements. Any deviation can result in a rejection of return:

  • The products should be complete (including all).
  • Products should be undamaged, unused and in the original (undamaged) packaging. Products may only have been viewed as in a store. If you install or use the products, this means that you have accepted the products.
  • When we received your return document, you have 5 working days to deliver your return to us.

Products specifically ordered for the client or custom made for the client, for instance dressmakers’ dummies, items provided with a non-standard colour or logo,… cannot be returned.


To inform us that a product is damaged or does not fully meet your expectations, and you wish to exchange or return it, we request that you send an email to [email protected]. Please always indicate your customer number, invoice number, the product reference and description of the problem.
In case of damage, please include the following pictures immediately: pictures of the outside of the box, i.e. the state in which the box arrived, also if this does not show damage + a picture of the barcode label stuck to the box + pictures of the damage as you encountered it, for instance, while unpacking (inside of the box) + clear pictures that clarify the damage in detail and show where the damage is located (for instance on the leg of a mannequin or on the back)
We will contact you as soon as possible, normally within 2 working days and offer you the most appropriate solution. If it concerns an item that has to be returned, you will also receive a return document as an attachment to the mail that can be included in the dispatch. This way the process, when the return arrives in our warehouse, can progress quicker.
The shipping costs for return are always charged to the client. Goods can be delivered at the following return address, at the expense and risk of the client:
Best Mannequins bvba, 2 Splenterbeekstraat, B-8710 Wielsbeke (Belgium)
If the product is lost and/or damaged during return shipment, this is thus your responsibility and Best Mannequins bvba cannot be held liable.

If you ship a return from outside the European Union, please always use an official courier service (for instance UPS, TNT, DHL,…) that also directly engages the customs formalities.
When the return arrives at our warehouse, we will inspect as soon as possible if the product is in compliance with the return requirements and we will inform you of your decision via e mail. When the product is in compliance with the return requirements we will reimburse the full value of the product.
Should it appear that the product does not comply with the return requirements, then it remains your property and you should collect it within 2 weeks. If so desired we can send the product back, at your expense, with a transport firm. If the rejected return is still in our warehouse after 2 weeks, you will be informed via email that the product will be destroyed.