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The Magic of full body mannequins: Everything You Need to Know about Mannequins!

Why Choose store mannequins:

The Crucial Role of store Mannequins in Visual Merchandising

Full body mannequins, also known as store mannequins or standing mannequin, are an indispensable element in the world of visual merchandising. These life-sized representations of human forms transcend their role as mere silent spectators in a display window; they act as powerful tools to capture the attention of passersby and enhance the overall appearance of your store and products.

The Seductive Effect of store mannequins on Potential Customers

Using display figures in your store offers a range of benefits. Primarily, they have the ability to attract the attention of potential customers, not only arousing curiosity but also significantly lowering the threshold for entering the store. By presenting products realistically on full body mannequins, you help customers form a more detailed image of how the clothing will look on themselves, significantly increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Aesthetic Enrichment of the Store Environment through standing mannequins

Furthermore, full body mannequins add an aesthetic element to your store environment. These figures can be customized to the style and atmosphere of your brand, resulting in an attractive and consistent visual identity. A thoughtfully chosen store mannequin can even convey your brand's story and establish an emotional connection with the customer.

Added Value in Marketing and Sales Stimulation through store mannequins

In summary, the use of store mannequins in your store provides added value that goes beyond simply presenting clothing. They act as powerful marketing tools that not only capture attention and stimulate sales but also contribute to the overall shopping experience. By strategically deploying these visual elements, you create an attractive store environment that not only inspires customers but also invites them to discover what your range has to offer.

Our Assets in creating full body mannequins:

3D Development:

Best Mannequins has taken a revolutionary step in the development of their products by transitioning to advanced 3D technology. This innovative approach has not only increased productivity but also led to significant improvements in the fit of the standing mannequins.
In the past, full body mannequins were hand-sculpted from clay, resulting in unique sizes for each individual figure. This made replacing parts a challenge, as no two store mannequins were identical. The lack of uniformity led to difficulties in finding suitable spare parts and imposed limitations on the versatility of the full body mannequins.
With the shift to 3D development, Best Mannequins has overcome these limitations. The use of advanced software allows us to create accurate and consistent models, significantly improving the fit in detail. It also enables the replacement of spare parts in case of breakage.
The benefits of this 3D development are particularly noticeable for professional players in the retail industry. Best Mannequins aims to set the standard for quality and functionality in the world of standing mannequins. By using advanced technologies, we distinguish ourselves as pioneers in the industry.
Compared to the former handmade clay full body mannequins, the new generation is characterized by a more refined finish and detail. The rough and less precise sculptures of the past give way to precise, digitized models that emphasize the aesthetics of the garments. This not only results in a more realistic representation of fashion but also offers opportunities for more detailed displays in windows.
In summary, the transition to 3D development at Best Mannequins has not only significantly improved the fit of the store mannequins but has also revolutionized how these indispensable tools in the fashion industry are manufactured. It is a step forward in terms of precision, uniformity, and aesthetics, allowing both retailers and designers to benefit from a superior display of their fashion creations.

Diversity in standing mannequin Choices for the Perfect Fit

Within the extensive spectrum of full body mannequins, there are countless options that can be tailored to the specific needs and style of your store. For example, you can choose store mannequins with or without heads, depending on the desired focus on clothing or accessories.

We also offer an extensive range of store mannequins for different sectors such as sports, lingerie, high fashion, basic for the whole family, and much more.
Our sports mannequins are specially designed to perfectly depict the dynamics and movement of sportswear. Additionally, these full body mannequins have clear muscle lines that ensure a realistic representation.

Our two lingerie collections are designed to always focus on the garment. These standing mannequins also have three different cup sizes. The female mannequins always come with removable heels to present stockings.

For the latest fashion trends and refined styles, we have high-fashion mannequins that beautifully showcase the elegance and appearance of premium clothing. These store mannequins are extra elegant and delicate.

We also have various collections designed to present a wide range of clothing styles suitable for every occasion. Whether it's women's, men's, or children's clothing, these two remarkable collections embody the essence of versatility and style, making them perfect for any fashion presentation.

Our standing mannequin collections also offer a diverse spectrum of color options, including white, beige, gray, black, taupe, and bronze. This allows customers to make an extensive choice and find the perfect color that suits their presentation needs. If you don't find the perfect color here, don't worry, our respray service allows us to repaint any full body mannequin in a desired color.

At Best Mannequins, we acknowledge the diversity of body types and strive to provide an inclusive representation of the variety of shapes and sizes that our customers represent. Our plus-size mannequin collection is specially designed to highlight the beauty and versatility of garments in larger sizes.
Our plus-size mannequins embody realistic proportions and shapes, offering everyone a truthful representation of how clothing looks on various body types. Whether it's casual, sporty, formal, or trendy clothing, our plus-size mannequins provide a representative showcase for a wide selection of fashion items.
By investing in plus-size mannequins, retailers not only demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity but also respond to the growing demand for diverse and realistic representations of fashion in the market. At Best Mannequins, we understand the importance of embracing diverse beauty standards, and our plus-size collection contributes to a positive and inclusive shopping experience for all customers. Discover the versatility of our plus-size mannequins and give your presentation a truthful and inclusive appearance.

Luxury Finishing for Exclusivity

For a more luxurious look, high-end finished full body mannequins are available, featuring refined details and realistic textures that emphasize the exclusivity of your products.

Minimalistic Versatility with Basic Finished store Mannequins

On the other hand, basic finished standing mannequins offer a minimalist and versatile presentation.

Durability and Responsible Retail Practice

For stores that prioritize sustainability, environmentally friendly and recyclable store mannequins are available. This not only creates a visually appealing presentation but also contributes to a more responsible retail practice. These diverse options allow you to choose the perfect full body mannequin that seamlessly aligns with your brand identity and the message you want to convey to your valued customers.
Did you know that different collections at Best Mannequins are made from BIO FRP? By choosing this sustainable option, you also contribute to a better world. 

Innovative Presentation Solutions:

Discover the perfect way to present accessories with our innovative accessory pin. Whether it's a handbag or another fashion item, our pin ensures that your accessories are presented effortlessly and securely, without the risk of falling.
We have also recently added some extras such as the calf pin protector and tempered glass base, designed to extend the lifespan of your standing mannequin and provide extra safety.
Our calf pin protector is a smart addition that not only protects against breakage but also extends its overall lifespan. With the protector, you can shield the inside of the store mannequin from wear and damage, allowing you to enjoy optimal functionality and presentation for a longer time.
Additionally, we have integrated tempered glass bases into our collections. These bases are designed with durability and safety in mind. Unlike traditional glass that can break into many pieces, tempered glass is resistant to breakage and shatters in one piece. This not only reduces the risk of injuries but also ensures that your full body mannequin remains intact, even in unforeseen situations.
At Best Mannequins, we strive for user-friendliness, so both the foot and calf pin are included as standard in most collections. This complete set makes it easy to assemble your full body mannequin according to your preferences and use it immediately, saving you time and effort.

Get to know our handy swingleg system, making dressing and undressing standing mannequins a breeze without having to detach the legs. This not only saves time but also ensures an efficient and easy presentation.
At Best Mannequins, we believe in choices. That's why we offer various options for the type of head of our full body mannequins. Opt for a head with ears and a nose to effortlessly present glasses and caps, or go for an abstract head for a modern look. Our urban collection features realistic heads that perfectly complement urban style. 

For female mannequins, the type of foot is crucial. Lifted feet show elegance, but if you want to present sneakers, flat feet are the ideal choice. Our urban mannequins have specially designed flat feet for optimal sneaker presentation.
Explore our extensive collection with different poses that perfectly fit every collection and target audience.

At Best Mannequins, we strive to present your products in the most attractive way, with attention to detail, durability, and efficiency. Choose the best full body mannequins, choose Best Mannequins!
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