Discover the future of visual merchandising at EuroShop!

Step into the world of Best Mannequins at the EuroShop exhibition, where we proudly unveiled two ground-breaking mannequin collections and showcased our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Published : 26 May, 2023

Artistry and Craftsmanship 

Immerse yourself in the artistry and craftsmanship of our latest mannequin collections. Designed to capture attention and inspire creativity, these models are meticulously crafted to showcase your products in the most captivating way. With a focus on sustainability, we're proud to offer eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes that align with your ethical values. What makes our presence even more remarkable is that we designed our stunning booth ourselves in 3D. 


Our creative team created our main booth from the ground up in 3D.


With the help of our partners, we managed to overcome all technical challenges.


We are incredibly proud of the end result and thank all visitors for their appreciation.

A vibrant atmosphere

The excellent choice for the mortex finish booth provided the perfect backdrop for meaningful interactions. Industry professionals and enthusiasts were drawn to our elegant and distinctive stand, creating a vibrant atmosphere that buzzed with excitement. We had the pleasure of discussing our innovative designs, sustainable practices, and the limitless possibilities of visual merchandising with a diverse range of visitors. 


Dedicated sports booth

But that's not all. We also dedicated a separate booth exclusively to the world of sports. This specialized space showcases our sport specific mannequins and athletic displays. Step into a realm where fitness and fashion intersect, and witness the power of our sports focused mannequins to inspire active lifestyles.


As pioneers in the industry, we are committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Our presence at EuroShop allowed us to share our passion and expertise, forging connections that will shape the future of retail. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to engage with so many like-minded individuals who share our vision for sustainable and visually striking visual merchandising.


Throwback to an amazing project in collaboration with Balenciaga and Adidas. We had the privilege of designing the mannequins for a very special window display. Balenciaga had a unique vision in mind, as they wanted to work with a transgender mannequin and draw inspiration from a queue of people.